Online Poker Forms

Any fan of online poker knows that online casinos offer many different variations on the classic game. From individual video poker games to tournaments with hundreds of participants, there are plenty of ways players can get their poker fix without ever leaving their own homes.

Solo Play

While poker is typically thought of as a social game, with players betting against one another, reading bluffs, and engaging in bidding wars, there are versions that a player can enjoy alone. Video poker allows players to play poker like a slots game, building a hand based on luck. Each hand stands on its own and is not required to beat out another player for the pot. That way, players can win large payouts on the merits of their own hands.

Tournament Play

On the other end of the spectrum are poker tournaments. Not only are players playing against others at the same table, they are playing against hundreds of others engaged in the same game. Players who sign up for online poker tournaments engage in a series of small table poker games, with only the best players advancing to the next round. As players win hands or resist going out at the end of each round, they win a little bit of money and have a chance at a huge jackpot.

Whether players enjoy poker alone or in a group, there are plenty of options for the best poker games online. From Texas Hold 'Em tournaments to video poker slots games, there's sure to be an option for every fan of online poker.