Online Poker Blind Strategy

Antes and blinds play a big role in poker strategy and essentially define the game's betting structure. To develop a good online poker strategy, a better understanding of these two forced bets is very important, along with a good grasp of the expected value (EV) of your hand.

Understanding Blind Bets

Depending on your position and the structure of the game, you may be required to place a blind bet. Many games are played with two blinds - one small and one big, and may also include antes. Blinds raise the pot to ensure a profitable win for the winner while increasing profits for the casino as well.

How Blinds Affect Rake

Many players in the big blind position adopt an aggressive strategy to remain in the game. This isn't always the best technique when you look at the odds. Most casinos calculate rake based on the player's contribution, making the expected value of the big blind player's hand even lower.

The Best Poker Strategy

Knowing when to call and when to stay in the game takes a great deal of practice. The best strategy is to understand the pot odds and to always try to play out hands that have a positive expected value based on your blinds, antes, and rake. In the long run, EV+ hands are the key to big poker wins.

Poker is a game that requires a great deal of strategy, patience, and alertness. Take the time to understand the rules and play for fun until you're comfortable with antes, blinds, and other real money wagers.