Online Poker Tracker 3

While there are countless guides designed to help players improve their online poker games, the Poker Tracker 3 actually helps players as they're playing. By offering helpful tips, evaluating trends in play, and more, the Poker Tracker 3 can vastly improve the game of novice and intermediate poker players.

Required Tech

In order to use the Poker Tracker 3, the player must install the software onto their personal computer. The program uses PostgreSQL to track players' moves, recording the statistics of wins, which hands perform the best, and more. Once the software is installed, players can play poker at their favorite online casino as usual. The Poker Tracker will operate in the background and gather useful information on the player.

Analysis and Solutions

The player can choose to receive advice on his or her game as the game is played or can review the statistics afterward. In game help will help players see why some decisions are not the best and will offer suggestions on a statistically better move. Players can choose to acknowledge or ignore this advice and then review the game after the fact. The Poker Tracker will also analyze the player's unique playing style, working with the player's own skills to maximize wins.

By giving the player insights into his or her game, the Poker Tracker can identify strengths and weaknesses. This makes the Poker Tracker 3 an incredibly useful tool for players who are both new to the game of online poker or who are simply looking for a leg up.